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I've always been a huge and proud nerd. Like watch every Star Trek, all the Star Wars, and know all the Lord of the Rings books by heart nerd. 


A photo of me and my husband, Mark, who has been my life partner since 2019, and who has always been my #1 supporter.

As a Detroit-born artist, I've always drawn inspiration from the dynamic urban environments that surround me. Exploring the world, I've been enchanted by the wonders of diverse cultures and places, with each experience inspiring my artistic vision even further. While my passion for art runs deep, I have always been a man of science. Fascinated by the vast unknown of the universe, my initial studies involved years of astronomy and astrophysics. However, as I continued to grow and learn, the pull of creativity and art became undeniable and the fusion of science and art continues to define who I am and inspire my work.

When I'm not diving into my passions of art and science, you can typically find me drawing maps and writing high fantasy novels, weight-lifting and running, watching Star Trek and playing video games with my husband, or exploring the speak-easy style nightlife of Charlottesville. I also often travel to France, which is where I plan on retiring!

My Life

Technically, my journey to filmmaking started with a fashion show put on by me and a friend; it was for fun, but we took photos and videos and it sparked the creativity within me. I proceeded to study fine art in college at UVA, where I received a BFA in new media. Through passion and hard work, I was awarded the Aunspaugh Fellowship Award for my video installation, which granted me a stipend, studio and gallery show. I was and still am proud of that moment, with my work being featured in various art galleries around the state.

During my studies, I was also working for a wedding venue, eventually leading to a management role. I absolutely loved working in the wedding industry, but after several years of management and after having my own wedding in 2019, I knew it was time to get back to my creative roots and combine my passion for weddings with my passion for filmmaking.

I have since been working full time as a wedding filmmaker under my own business, allowing me to serve and bring joy to others, explore my artistry, and make connections with likeminded couples. Nothing brings me more joy in my career than hearing the reactions from my couples when they watch their wedding film, and I can't wait to hear yours.

My Journey

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